What do you think about fun? Maybe some people think that it is about doing something that we love to. It is fun when we are watching a movie. It is fun when we are going to the amusement park. It is fun when we are eating ice cream. It is fun when we are playing video games. But, what about the other activities are? Is it not fun when we are doing our daily activities, such as cooking, washing clothes, or sweeping  the floor?

Without we realized, we reduced fun as something that we thought we were interested and as the consequence, we lost our fun when we did something that we thought we weren’t interested. Let’s imagine chatting with a friend. Did it not fun? Of course it was fun, wasn’t it? We could refresh ourselves for a while and at the same time we could improve our relationship. Let’s imagine other thing, like having a walk in the morning, inhaling a morning air, listening the song of the birds. It was really fun.

You know, some people found that some things were fun while the others thought the same things were not fun at all. How could it happen? I thought that it was because the former group enjoyed the activities that they were doing and the later one didn’t enjoy it at all. When you didn’t enjoy something you were doing, you would have a grudge in your heart. It was not only stealing your fun but also making your work horrible.

Fun can be found anywhere as long as we open our heart to accept and enjoy our situation. It does not depend on our surrounding, but it depends on our heart and ourselves. Let’s have a fun time today.



What do you think love is? Why parents work hard every day if it is not for their children? They work from morning until evening because they want to get money for fulfilling their children’s needs. But do you think their children thought that they were loved? I don’t think so. So many cases about children from a wealthy family become naughty because they don’t feel that they are loved. Their parents are too busy with their work so they have no time to take care their children. As the consequence, their children think that their parents don’t love them.

It is a contradiction, isn’t it? if you asked the parents they would answer you that they love their children so much so they were willing to work hard to get their children a happy life. But, is it a happy life that their children want?

You see, love can be wrong. I mean it isn’t actually wrong, but what do you think it is a love, it could be not a love according to others. Why it happen? Because love can be describe as many things so that we have five love languages. It can be expressed as a thing, time, service, touch and word. In our former case, the parents show their love as service and thing. They work for getting money so they can buy gift for their children. But the children hope to get love from their parents as time. They want their parents teach them when they have difficult homework, watch them when they have a show in the school and read them a bedtime story.

Well, I have not become a parent yet, so I can’t describe the point of view of the parents, but as a child it is that I want. Maybe you are wonder why do I write about it. I just want to show that love is unique. We can’t judge the love that someone has according to our definition of love. Instead, broaden our understanding of love so that we can see the love that others show us.

What makes you precious?

What makes you precious?

Is it your best grade?

Is it your high salary?

Is it your luxurious home?

Or it is your large followers?

Don’t demean yourself. All of them are just numbers…

You are more precious than numbers…

No need to compare one to another…

Moreover, let the numbers decide our value…

Instead, our value is decided by The Great Creator …

He created each of us as a very special limited edition…

That is only one in this world…

Each of us is created to be a unique person…

We have our own superiority as well as inferiority…

No need to be shame because our different ability…

Just find and be yourself, then let it shines…

As everyone has their own shine star…

that makes us precious…

be saved…

Have you ever be saved from a terrible moment?

It was a day after my birthday, when the train that I always took for going home had an accident. Fortunately, I was not in the train. That day I took a different train to another city for attending my friend’s wedding. I decided that was after the wedding, I went home. I didn’t know what would happen if I took the usual train to home. Maybe I would be one of the victims. Then I realized it was the God’s hand protecting me.

Before it happened, I had a struggle when my birthday got near. One year had passed and my life was still same. The success that I dreamed before I turn this age had not yet been achieved. I got stress and complained for my life. I was afraid of my future. Would I have a bright future?

Then it happened, a train accident. I never thought that maybe the day after my birthday might be my last day. Thanks God, it wasn’t. The next day, I felt grateful for being able to open my eyes. A lot of bad things could happen, but the fact that I was alive made me realize that I still had another year to be filled with hope, work and love. I should not worry or afraid as long as He who created heaven and earth stood by me. I just need to believe.

I know it was silly, but I thought I should share it with you guys.

my earth hour

Last night we had an earth hour event. I didn’t know what you did yesterday, but I got participate in the event. The earth hour event started from 20.30 to 21.30. Some people thought why must they got participate at that time as it was only an hour, while when they were sleeping, they had more than six hour turning off the electricity. Well, the spirit was to turn off the electricity when we needed it, not when we didn’t need it. The time was chosen because at that time, the electricity consumption was at the peak. If we turned off the electricity only when we didn’t need it, what was the point? There was no difference with the usual daily activity.

Talking about one hour without electricity, I thought it was not bad. You would not dead without it for an hour, as long as you’re a normal person. Most of us complained that we needed electricity for our daily life. We couldn’t stand without electricity. I didn’t think so. Well, it was true that we needed electricity but we still kept doing some activities without it. Take a look a camping ground. We could have some fun even we stayed in the wild.

For me, the earth hour gave me a chance to stop from my routine for a while. I could take a moment to reflect my life and to have a chat with my family members. You see, it was not bad. I wouldn’t have time to do it in usual day because we all had our own business. For me, I thought that earth hour was a good chance to show our love to earth and people around us. That was my story, how about yours?

the key of happiness

What did you think about some people who had a disease that cannot be cured?

Did you think they were amazing, because they still kept fighting?

Or did you ever compare yourself to them, that if you were in his boot, what would you do?

Some people said that we had those people in our life in order to teach us to be grateful for what every things we had. Yet, it was a pity that they were created under current circumstance, even I believed that God would not give us burden that we were unable to bear.

Talking about being grateful, it was amazing that those people could enjoy their life and be grateful for it. Taking an example of a blind worshipper girl in my country, when she was born blind, her family had a struggle to give up on her or take care of her. A blind baby needed special treatment and funds to cure her eyes. The family had done everything they could for their blind daughter, but her eyes couldn’t be cure and she would be blind forever. But, you know, her songs really inspired me. There were moments in my life when I couldn’t stand for, I listened to her songs. It really helped me to pass the difficult moments in my life.

I didn’t know what kind of struggle that she and her family were facing, but I knew it was not easy. What made me amaze of her was she not only could be grateful for her imperfect life but also inspired others. Reading the testimony of her dad, I knew the key of happiness that they had. In order to enjoy the life you had, you must be grateful for your current life, no matter how difficult it was. But, how could we be grateful in our difficult moments? Being grateful when everything happened according to my will was easy, but when it was otherwise, could we do the same thing?

Later, I realized that the key is a faith. If you believed that everything happened in your life, whether the good and the bad one, was happened for your sake, you would be grateful easily. I knew it was really not easy to be done as it was said. Back to the difficult moments in my life, sorry to not tell you specifically, I had two options, the first one was giving up and running away, and the other one was keeping to struggle and believe that God would make a way, even I didn’t know how and when He would do it. Today, thanks God, He did it and I was grateful for not giving up.

You see, the key of happiness, to enjoy a dark moment in our life is being grateful, it is a must, and to be grateful, you have to have a faith, a faith that everything is under His control and the LORD’S hand is not so short that it cannot save, nor is His ear so dull that it cannot hear.