Learning from a game #2


Untitled-2.jpgThose were some screens from the game that I played. I captured them because I thought it was true. Often we thought other people were bad but we didn’t consider ourselves. When other people did some wicked things toward us and we avenged them by doing the same thing as they had done, I think it made us no different with them.

Perhaps it is unrealistic, but I agree that taking revenge will bring us into a never-ending chain of pain. You see that when we took revenge to someone, he would take revenge to us, then we would do it again. It would be repeated for many times until we were destroyed in the end. In order to end it, I believe we have to stop doing the bad thing to the people who hurt us. On the other hand, we should revenge his bad thing with our good one. It will set free our heart form any malice and maybe it can change him too.



Whether it was good or bad, it’s only God who knows…

Once upon a time, there was an old farmer that lived with his only son. They lived in a village near a forest. Beside the farm, they also had a horse. The farmer’s son used it to help him plowed the farm. One day, the farmer’s horse ran into the forest because the farmer’s son forgot to close its stall. Knowing what happened, the farmer’s neighbor come to console him. They said, “We feel sorry for your house. It was a bad thing for losing your only horse. Now, you and your son have to work harder without a horse for helping.” Listening his neighbor, the old farmer only said, “Whether it was good or bad, it’s only God who knows…”

Few days later, the farmer’s horse came back from the forest. Of course the farmer and his son very happy for getting their horse back. But this time, it didn’t come back alone. The horse brought three wild horses back with it. The farmer’s neighbor came again when they heard the sound of horses was running on the farm. They said, “It was a bad thing when your horse ran into the forest, but now you get four horses. You’re very lucky. Maybe losing your horse brought you good sake. If it didn’t run, you will only have one horse.” Again, the old farmer said, “Whether it was good or bad, it’s only God who knows…”

The day after it, the old farmer asked his son to tame the wild horses, so they can use them to plow the farm. Taming wild animal was the farmer’s son ability. But when taming the last horse, it ran wildly and throw the farmer’s son. Fell from the horse made his arm broke and he had to take a rest for a while until his arm healed. The farmer was so sad. His son couldn’t help him worked on the farm. After heard the accident that happened to the farmer’s son, his farmer neighbor came again. They said, “Your horse came back and brought wild horse was a horrible thing. Look at your son, now he gets his arm broke. It was a bad thing happened to you and your family.” The farmer, for the third time said, “Whether it was good or bad, it’s only God who knows…”

One week later, the soldiers from palace come to their village. The soldiers took the village boys and sent them to warfare, because that time their country was in war and they had already lost many soldiers. When the soldiers came into the old farmer house, they found a young man on the bed because his arm was not yet healed. The farmer’s son condition made the soldiers left him in his house. They didn’t need the sick people. The farmer’s neighbor came and crying because the soldiers brought their sons. They said, “You are very lucky. It was a good sake when a wild horse throw your son and the accident brought his arm broke. If your son is healthy now, the soldier will take him and send him to war.” The old farmer, as usual said, “Whether it was good or bad, it’s only God who knows…”

Well, the story just simply teach us not to judge the condition that we get base on our mind. Actually, we never know where will live bring us. Whether it is a bad thing or good one, we get no idea at all. It is only God who create everything knows. And I believe everything happened in our life is for our sake.

Dear Daddy: A daughter’s letter

One day, an old man checked his daughter’s room and found nothing but an envelope written ‘For Daddy’ on the bed. Slowly he opened it and found a letter.

‘Dear Daddy, I’m sorry for writing this letter. Please forgive me. While you’re reading it, I have leaved. I’m going with my boyfriend. He is a good man. I’m sure you will like him when you meet him, even he has so many tattoos on his body, also he pierced it, oh and you will like his old motorcycle. He is so mature, even not old enough. It’s about 42 years old. I think it’s not old enough. He is so kind. Moreover, he is my baby’s dad. He asked me to let my baby born and we will care it together. We will be moving from one place to another one. He has a large drug business. Oh, and thanks to him for making me think drug is not bad at all. We will live together until death does part us.

Daddy, may I ask you to pray for him. Please help us pray for his healing from AIDS. Let’s hope doctors can find medicine for curing him. I know it’s because he has another girl. But I still believe he will always be with me.

Daddy, please worry me not. I’m 15 years old already. I can take care of myself. I love you all. And, please give my teddy bear to old sis, she really want it.’

The old man’s hand was shaking while reading it. He couldn’t believe it was happened. He put the letter for a moment and found the second page. With a broken heart he continued reading it.


After you signed my report, please call me. I’m going nowhere but hiding in the neighbor.’

Well, after you laughed, I want to tell you there are so many things can be happened in your life. Remember to give thanks for everything happened. If you have a bad one right now, please look the other people. Maybe they get the worse one than you. Consider it, maybe what do you have can be worse, but thanks God the worst is not happened. But don’t just accept it. If you can do better, you have to try your best and be responsible with your own life.

A story to be thought…

I write it in English because some people like it. I think it must be good enough so I have to write it in English. But pardon me for my so-so English. Hope you can get it.

A cruise got an accident and would go down in the sea soon. There were husband and wife running to the lifeboat for saving themselves. But when they got there, only one seat left. Didn’t wait any longer, the husband jumped into the lifeboat, left his wife alone. Seeing her husband left her, the wife couldn’t do anything but shouted to him, before the cruise brought her into the deep of sea.

The teacher, who tells the story, asks his students, “According to you, what was the wife shouted to her husband?”

“I hate you!” a student answers him.

“You know that I’m blind!” says another one.

“You’re selfish!” the others open their mouth.

“You’re not a man,” a shy girl answers slowly.

The teacher listens his students’s answer, but suddenly, he realizes there is a boy who don’t open his mouth. “What do you think?” he asks the boy.

“I’m sure that the wife shouted: Honey, please take care our son!” says the boy.

The teacher is startled and asks him, “Have you listened this story?”

The boy shakes his head. “Not yet. But it was my mom said to my dad before she gone. She had a chronic disease.”

The teacher sees all of his students. “It is true.”

The cruise went down into the sea and the husband brought his son alone. Years after it, the son that was be a man found his dad’s diary. He found that his parents knew about the wife chronic disease before they went with the cruise. She couldn’t be cured. That’s why her husband took the only chance to save himself. He wrote in his diary, “You know I want to die with you. But I can’t do it. I have to take car our son.”

The story ends.

The teacher thinks that his students have been understood the message of his story. It tells us life is not as simple as we thing, for the goodness and the bad one are complicated. Even sometimes we can’t understand why it’s happened.

That’s why we should not judge someone base on what we see only. In addition, we know nothing about it.

They always pay for the others, maybe are not rich at all, but more treasure their relationship rather than money.

They work voluntary, maybe are not stupid, but take account a responsibility.

They say sorry first after argued, maybe are not wrong, but honor their partner.

They give you a hand, maybe not in a debt with you, but accept you as a friend.

They call you many times, maybe not have nothing to do, but put you in their heart.

Taken from a friend…