Be wise in your posting

Well, one of my rules in posting anything in social media is not share about conflict, gossip or issue that contain negative case.  Instead, I choose to post something inspire. Here my opinion about posting:

  1. If I didn’t know the truth, and only knew from other people, I chose not to share it. Moreover, if it attacked someone or blamed people, I should be very careful. I didn’t know the fact. If it was not true, it meant I did backstabbing.
  2. My aim in posting was telling news to other. It’s not your fault for posting about social conflict, but it was good to consider the maturity of the readers. They got different level of maturity one and another. I know, maybe you had a good intention, for other people got more careful so they did not get the same case. But instead of spreading good news, we possible did grow up hatred, fight or new conflict because the one who read our post got the wrong idea or he wasn’t mature enough in getting our message. If it was me, I chose not to post something that potentially brought negative message, especially if I couldn’t prove its validity.
  3. Still about the aim of posting. Many people post something that I thing it was categorized in bullying someone. And the victim, he usually has no connection with us. Maybe he did wrong, but it was not legal for us to bully him. I chose not to judge his deed or publish something that hurt him. I thing I you had one person got wrong, it was better to say it to him directly, not publishing or spreading it. Unless, it was your aim to bully him.
  4. Finally, just posted what was important and should be posted. Don’t did it because your friends did it too. it was so sad, many people posted something that they actually didn’t know the message because following their surroundings.

Those are my rules in posting. I know it’s not wise at all, but at least I’ve tried no to spread rubbish ini social media.


Their story – stop bullying #finale

My name’s Gaby. I am 13 years old. My friends made me fun because I was fat. They called me ‘fatty’. I knew I am fat. And I wanted to reduce my weight. Since last week I have not eat breakfast and dinner. I eat once a day. But it was so painful. I got starving. Nevertheless, I had to do it. I didn’t want my friends called my ‘fatty’ anymore…


My name’s Harry. I didn’t mean to make some noise. It was Tom. He pushed me down. I didn’t do something wrong. I just nudged Tom, and he got angry. Of course it was an accident. I got headache. My head got heavy. Was I sick? No, I was fine, really. I was OK. The wounds on my hands? Oh Tom made them when he pushed me. Believe me, I told the truth. Ok, ok, I will tell you. My dad made them yesterday. He was drunk when he went home last night. He beat me. But I’m fine. It is common for me. His beating is my daily bread…


Do you think you know everything about us? You are totally wrong. You do know nothing bout us, so don’t ever try to judge us. What do you feel if somebody you don’t know well speaks something about you, and in addition, it’s not true and just hurt you? Please consider it and stop talking bout others.


Their story – stop bullying #2

They did it again, the uneducated youths. They made funny my scar. They called my ‘wizard’. Oh, I forget to introduce myself. Call me Daniel. About the youths, oh they are the scholars that live in a rent house few blocks from here. You see, my face is terrible. Look at this ugly scar. Yes, the one on my left cheek. It is so long and deep. Kids cried when they saw my face. You see my nose, it was broke before. Thanks God it got better. You wonder how can I get these, don’t you? Well, I used to be a soldier. I joined the World War II. I fought for this country. All of you haven’t been born that time. These scars, I got it in war, and they made me proud. Not only on my face, but I had one on my right shoulder, one on my left leg and on my back. It made me sad, when strangers, oh and the childish ones, made them funny.


What are you looking for? Do you make fun of me like other boys? Is it the first time you see a man cry? Just leave me alone. My name is Edmund, and I know what you think, man should not cry like me, only woman did it. So that’s why you spoke behind me. I bet if you stand on my feet right know, you will do the same thing. My mom, she is in the hospital. The day before yesterday she suddenly got unconscious. And she has been like that until today. Doctor can’t do anything. She gets worse. You know, I am sad, scare, confuse. I want to do something, but I can do nothing. I don’t want to lose her. She is the only one I have…


Hello, my name’s Felice. I hate them, the white girls. They think they are the prettiest ones in this universe just because their skins are white. And me, I am ugly because I am not white, that’s what they speak. Every girl in this world wants to be pretty. Measuring pretty girl by her skin color, it’s so shallow. Being a black woman is not my choice. I was born this way. If I can choose I wanna be a white one so I can marry the man I love. He is a white man. We love each other, but our family, they refuse our relationship just because I am black. My boyfriend’s parents forbid him meet me. So do my parents. I think it’s unfair. I love him so much. It’s so painful, can’t be together with the one I love. I hate my skin…


Their story – stop bullying #1

My name’s Anna. I am 18 years old. I have a problem at school, not a big one. You know, when I walked pass my friends, they mocked me, they yelled to me, called me ‘slut’. I have a beautiful face, I don’t neglect it, and I did go out with some boys on the past. I don’t know where that wrong idea came from. Betty, my bestie, told me that some boys saw my walked with an old man. I just don’t get it. How could they think me a naughty girl. I just walked with my dad and they gossiped me. The boys even tried to seduce me, asked me to sleep with them, they even tried to offer some money. Of course I refused. But what did I get? They mocked me more. You know it was bothering me. I am not a prostitute. I am a nice girl, how can they do it to me… I don’t care anymore. Let them say what they want. Just for your information, I’m still virgin.


Hi, my name’s Bob. I am 16 years old. I don’t have a friend. Why? Because I am poor. The kids in my class didn’t want to talk with me. Instead of call me by name, they called me ‘the poor boy’. My clothes aren’t as good as theirs. My shoes aren’t new too. I even use an old book, because the new one is too expensive. So what if I am poor and they are rich? Is it a problem? They are just lucky because their parents are rich and mine aren’t. But, should they bully me. They didn’t know what I did to make a living. They didn’t know that I had to work after school, until late night. I had to do it for helping my mom. I had three younger siblings and my dad was no longer alive. Ok, I admit I am poor. But I want to be a success man in the future.


Clement, that’s my name, but they called me ‘gay boy’. I know it was my mistake when I confess to Jim, the basketball captain. I just didn’t suppose that he would punch me. You know I get punched by the boy I liked. It was very hurt. My nightmare was not over yet. Jim told his team about my confession and they started to bully me. I never thought Jim was capable doing it. Is it funny to laugh me? I just like him. I know it was wrong. First, I was wrong for liking a boy, and the second, he was Jim. You know, being a gay is not my dream. Liking a boy is not what I want. You hate me because I like boy, me too. I hate myself too. I think talking to somebody will help me. But it’s totally wrong. I should keep it for myself. Maybe my existence is a mistake too. I should not be here, in this universe…