What do you think about fun? Maybe some people think that it is about doing something that we love to. It is fun when we are watching a movie. It is fun when we are going to the amusement park. It is fun when we are eating ice cream. It is fun when we are playing video games. But, what about the other activities are? Is it not fun when we are doing our daily activities, such as cooking, washing clothes, or sweeping  the floor?

Without we realized, we reduced fun as something that we thought we were interested and as the consequence, we lost our fun when we did something that we thought we weren’t interested. Let’s imagine chatting with a friend. Did it not fun? Of course it was fun, wasn’t it? We could refresh ourselves for a while and at the same time we could improve our relationship. Let’s imagine other thing, like having a walk in the morning, inhaling a morning air, listening the song of the birds. It was really fun.

You know, some people found that some things were fun while the others thought the same things were not fun at all. How could it happen? I thought that it was because the former group enjoyed the activities that they were doing and the later one didn’t enjoy it at all. When you didn’t enjoy something you were doing, you would have a grudge in your heart. It was not only stealing your fun but also making your work horrible.

Fun can be found anywhere as long as we open our heart to accept and enjoy our situation. It does not depend on our surrounding, but it depends on our heart and ourselves. Let’s have a fun time today.


the key of happiness

What did you think about some people who had a disease that cannot be cured?

Did you think they were amazing, because they still kept fighting?

Or did you ever compare yourself to them, that if you were in his boot, what would you do?

Some people said that we had those people in our life in order to teach us to be grateful for what every things we had. Yet, it was a pity that they were created under current circumstance, even I believed that God would not give us burden that we were unable to bear.

Talking about being grateful, it was amazing that those people could enjoy their life and be grateful for it. Taking an example of a blind worshipper girl in my country, when she was born blind, her family had a struggle to give up on her or take care of her. A blind baby needed special treatment and funds to cure her eyes. The family had done everything they could for their blind daughter, but her eyes couldn’t be cure and she would be blind forever. But, you know, her songs really inspired me. There were moments in my life when I couldn’t stand for, I listened to her songs. It really helped me to pass the difficult moments in my life.

I didn’t know what kind of struggle that she and her family were facing, but I knew it was not easy. What made me amaze of her was she not only could be grateful for her imperfect life but also inspired others. Reading the testimony of her dad, I knew the key of happiness that they had. In order to enjoy the life you had, you must be grateful for your current life, no matter how difficult it was. But, how could we be grateful in our difficult moments? Being grateful when everything happened according to my will was easy, but when it was otherwise, could we do the same thing?

Later, I realized that the key is a faith. If you believed that everything happened in your life, whether the good and the bad one, was happened for your sake, you would be grateful easily. I knew it was really not easy to be done as it was said. Back to the difficult moments in my life, sorry to not tell you specifically, I had two options, the first one was giving up and running away, and the other one was keeping to struggle and believe that God would make a way, even I didn’t know how and when He would do it. Today, thanks God, He did it and I was grateful for not giving up.

You see, the key of happiness, to enjoy a dark moment in our life is being grateful, it is a must, and to be grateful, you have to have a faith, a faith that everything is under His control and the LORD’S hand is not so short that it cannot save, nor is His ear so dull that it cannot hear.

our time

Our past had been passed and would not be repeated again

It was not to be regretted or lamented

No matter we tried, it couldn’t be changed

Instead, it was to be learned, made sure we didn’t do the same mistakes


Our future has not come yet and is still far away

No need to worry or be anxious, maybe it will not turn up as we expected

Because we never know what will happen tomorrow

But one thing we know, there is always a hope for a better future


Our present is what we are doing today

Don’t do something useless that make us regret in the future days

Don’t waste it and make we lost our precious moment

Let’s enjoy and cherish this time, it’s out time to do our best

And don’t forget to give thanks for it is the future that you’re worried in the past

Travelling dan hidup…


Seminggu ini aku berada di Jakarta karena urusan pekerjaan, lebih tepat nya terjebak di Jakarta karena berangkat ke Jakarta mendadak dan tidak mendapat tiket pulang ke Solo dengan harga yang wajar. Jadi ya OK lah sementara ini stay dulu di Jakarta. Selama beberapa hari berada di sini tentunya aku pergi mengunjungi tempat-tempat wisata yang memang hitz di Jakarta. Nggak Cuma mall aja lho ya yang bisa dikunjungi haha…

Anyway, ketika berada dalam busway menuju ke salah satu tempat wisata itu, sebuah pikiran melintas di kepalaku. Dia berkata nikmati perjalannya. Travelling is not only about the destination, but also about the journey too. Memang sih berada di Jakarta yang macet abizzz, bahkan ketika libur lebaran yang katanya Jakarta sepi menurut aku sih masih tetep macet, hoax itu yang bilang kalau lebaran Jakarta sepi hahaha…. Ok kembali ke topik kemacetan di Jakarta, semua orang mah pasti nggak ada yang menikmati kemacetan. Berbeda tentunya kalau perjalannya menyenangkan, pasti semua orang akan menyukainya. Tetapi kalau jalannya macet, lama, jauh pasti bête abis. Mending di rumah saja, nggak usah pergi, perginya berjam-jam di sana nya cuma beberapa jam, terus nanti pulangnya masih harus berjuang melawan kemacetan lagi, begitu sih pemikiranku.

Nah pemikiran seperti itu yang membuat aku lupa menikmati travelling nya. Karena fokus ku hanya kepada tujuan, yaitu tempat wisata nya, tetapi menganggap perjalanan ke sana sebagai hal yang terpisah dan bukan bagian dari travelling maka aku menganggap perjalan sebagai sesuatu yang menjemukan. Padahal it’s totally wrong. Menikmati perjalanan termasuk bagian dari menikmati suatu petualangan. Tentunya dalam petualangan itu ada hal yang berat da nada yang ringan, ada yang menyenangkan dan ada yang tidak menyenangkan. Tetapi itu adalah satu paket yang harus diterima. Aku nggak akan merasa senang pada akhirnya kalau aku nggak menerima perjalanan itu sebagai bagian dari travelling ku. Ketika aku bersungut-sungut, yang ada adalah aku kehilangan kegembiraan yang seharusnya kudapatkan dari travelling keliling Jakarta itu.

Well, hal yang sama juga dapat diterapkan ketika menghadapi hidup ini. Tentu dalam hidup ini ada banyak tujuan-tujuan yang telah ditetapkan, baik itu tujuan jangka pendek maupun tujuan jangka panjang. Sebagai anak sekolah misalnya, tentu semua orang pernah mengalami menjadi anak sekolah bukan, tujuan mereka adalah mencapai nilai yang bagus, naik kelas/ lulus dengan prestasi yang baik. Jika kegembiraan diukur dengan pencapaian tersebut maka yang ada adalah hidup mereka sangat mengenaskan. Coba saja dihitung sebelum ujian belajarnya berapa lama, ujiannya hanya beberapa jam dan pembagian rapor hanya sekali tiap semester. Kalau mereka gembira hanya pada saat akhir semester karena nilainya bagus, toh hanya bertahan beberapa jam atau beberapa hari saja. Bandingkan dengan kesusahan yang dialami sepanjang semester harus belajar dll. Namun, bukankah tidak demikan? Kegembiraan itu termasuk satu paket dengan belajar nya. Ketika kita bisa menguasai sesuatu dan melihat belajar sebagai sesuatu yang menyenangkan maka perjalanan satu semester itu tidak merupakan sebuah beban tetapi menjadi menyenangkan.

Well, that’s my point. Nikmatilah hidup seperti sebuah perjalanan. Dalam proses nya apsti ada hal yang nggak enak tapi toh ada hal yang menyenangkan juga. Mungkin kegagalan dan masalah memang bukan tujuan kita, tetapi itu adalah bagian dari perjalanan dan proses yang mau nggak mau harus dinikmati untuk mencapai tujuan kesuksesan. Selamat menikmati hidup dengan paket yang sempurna, including the failure dishes…

Embrace every moments…


Last night I had a little conversation with my friend. The most interesting part when he pointed to embrace every moments. It meant we had to treasure each moment, every minutes in our life, either they were the enjoyable ones or the bitter memories. Both of them were used by God to create our character.

I remembered the word He has made everything beautiful in its time…–Ecclesiastes 3:11, many people thought that everything would be good at the end, but I didn’t think so. The word said that it’s beautiful in its time, not in the future or in the past, and I think its time meant right now too. For people who thought it would  be good in the future, they would lose the moment of now. They couldn’t enjoy the moment that they had right now, because they put their mind in the future.

I thought it was good to plan everything and arrange our future, but let it not made us forget the moment we were living now. Think bout it, when will we enjoy our life since we put our mind in the future, remeber the future we always want will be today too and when it became today, again we re-put our mind in the future. It will not end. That’s why I think many people suffer because they lost the moments they should be enjoyed.

So Therefore do not think about tomorrow: for tomorrow shall take care of itself. Sufficient unto the day [is] the evil thereof.-Matthew 6:34

I prefer to enjoy the living life, and let it brings me to the way I couldn’t imagine as long as I let Him who created life holding my life… And I’ll try to embrace every moments He prepared for me…


These are a short messages between Leo with his friends, Olive, Vera and Edo in their BBM group.

L    : Guys, I watched Japan movie and somehow I feel jealous with their live. I wanna be live like the movie I watched. I wanna be someone like the character in that movie. I think it’s cool, and it’s awesome live in Japan, go to the beach at summer break and make snowman in winter season, and then there are also some festivals. Look at my life here, what is good with it?

O   :  Hahaha… if it’s what you want, why don’t you move there?

V   : Well, I think here we have some festival too, like Pekan Raya Jakarta…

L    : But it’s not cool…

E    :  Don’t complain Leo. Be grateful with your life. You have no idea about their life, and maybe indeed they are actually love not their life too…

O   : Wow, Edo, you speak so loud =)  but I’m agree with you. Leon, what makes you think like that?

L    : Yeah, I just get tired with my ordinary life. You know me. I’m not handsome, not rich, and I think my life is totally boring…

V   : Don’t compare yourself with others Leo, each of us is unique and we have our personality as who I am. You are you. And you have some great things. Think bout your grades in school. You are smart…

E    : And you’re kind…

O   : You are a good friend too… I think Edo and Vera agree with me.

V   : Of course we agree with you,  Olive.

E    : Have you ever imagined that the people you envy maybe were envy you too? So stop complain. Nobody perfect. Accept your life and live it! You should know yourself better…

O   : Oh and I think accpeting your life doesn’t mean you totally love it, but still you can make yourself enjoy it…

V   : Thus, that movie only two hours, I think they record something good to be showed, but if you consider it in your daily live, I think it will end like your life now. I remind you, it’s just a movie that have short time, not an evelasting life.  And the character is created by the movie maker so it’s not real.

O   : 100 points for Vera. Leo, if you born there, there in no guarantee if you will satisfy with your life there. We know, human never feel enough and never get satisfy with what they have.

E    : Guys and girls, we talked much here, but Leo is response not. Leo, where are you???

V   : Don’t tell me he just ignored us.

O   :  Leo, I’ll kill you if you don’t show yourself!

L    : Sorry guys, I just watched the stars in the dark night sky. Well, it reminded me when I was little I used to watch stars on my rooftoop. I’ve forgot about how beautiful my life goes on. Hahaha… If I born in Japan maybe right now I am not having chat with you guys… Thanks for being my friends…