Learning from a game #2


Untitled-2.jpgThose were some screens from the game that I played. I captured them because I thought it was true. Often we thought other people were bad but we didn’t consider ourselves. When other people did some wicked things toward us and we avenged them by doing the same thing as they had done, I think it made us no different with them.

Perhaps it is unrealistic, but I agree that taking revenge will bring us into a never-ending chain of pain. You see that when we took revenge to someone, he would take revenge to us, then we would do it again. It would be repeated for many times until we were destroyed in the end. In order to end it, I believe we have to stop doing the bad thing to the people who hurt us. On the other hand, we should revenge his bad thing with our good one. It will set free our heart form any malice and maybe it can change him too.



Learning from a game ;)


Those are some scenes from Brave Story game. Never did I imagine to get these sentences from a game. You know, I was fail in my job recruitment and I blamed myself for it. If I have tried harder, maybe I would have got the job. Nevertheles, I can’t change the fact that I was fail.

I was mad at myself for sometime, but it wouldn’t get me better. It just made me tortured indeed. Finally, my friend told me that I had a choice to weep myself or to leave everything behind and take a step forward.  I know, it is not easy. At first, it was really hard for me to stop weeping myself, but in the end I chose to move on.

Sometimes I still feel sad for my failure, but on the other hand I have to convince myslef that everything will be ok. I believe everything happens for my sake. That’s why I have to continue my life with a big smile.

Life choice is like picking lottery inside the sealed envelope…

Life choice is like picking lottery inside the sealed envelope…

When I read it, I remembered my class in colledge some years ago. We discussed about the life’s point of view. And I think the sentence is not wrong…

Life is a battle, we need guts to overcome our fear and worry when we pick an envelope among the hundred ones. Well, it’s not easy to choose the right one, moreover we don’t know what is inside. That’s why many people don’t dare to choose and fight for what they did belive as their life and as the qonsecuence, they let their condition and other people around them controlled their life.

Life is a game, each of our step and our choice has its own risk. No one knew certainty what was inside the sealed envelope. If we win, we will get what we want, but in the contrary we’ll lose everything when we lose. Unfortunately, everytime we have to choose, starting from the simple choices until the complex ones. Start in the morning when we open our eyes, we have to choose whether we will close our eyes again and come back to our dreams or get up from bed to pursuit our dreams. When we had a difficult choice, many of us didn’t want to choose, well actually they had already chose, they chose not to choose and once more they let their condition and others chose for them.

Life is a joy, isn’t it? Many of us are looking for it. Of course people hope that they chosed the right envelope and it will bring them fortune so they will get an abundant money. Why do people work days and night, even they do the wrong job, like stealing? Isn’t it for money, for get the comfort life and enjoy it? But it’s so sad for real many people pursue it until they forget what is actually they pursue. They have been lost for they couldnt’t enjoy their life.

Moreover, what is inside the envelope is the most important one, not the envelope itself. It’s the lotery that we’re looking after, isn’t it? And when we open the envelope there is something inside. There are no two people that have the same life. Each of us have the diffrent kind of life, it’s depend on the envelope that we’ve chosed. No one knew certainty what was inside when we picked an envelope, but please believe that the Creator of Life is never wrong when He put the right lotery for us. Life is a gift, always give thanks for our life, because The Creator itself that granted us this life.

About the win…

I wanna share about the radio program that I listened. It’s about the win.

In a football game, our team lose to the foe 5-1. When my friend ask my what do I feel about our lose,  I tell him about my thought.

I think win or lose just a matter of number. It’s because we get one score and the foe, no, I won’t call them foe but I call them ally, the ally team get five scores. And the judge decide they that get the high score is the winner.

See, it’s just a matter of number. The game rule says that they who got higher score is the winner. It will be opposite if the rule says that they who get the lower score is the winner, because it means we would be the winner, not the ally team.

Beside of it, our game is limited by time. We only have 2×15 minutes. It will be different if we only have ten minutes. In the first ten minutes, we got the first score, but the ally team got their first poin in the 12rd. If we only have ten minutes game, we would be the winner. Also, we have limited space, our filed is limited, it’s so small. If we played in the other space, I mean in the bigger field or in the smmalr one, maybe the result will be different. Now you can see, a win is do fragile. It has many facets that influence itself.

According to me, we also win, beause we can accept our lose. They that can’t accpet their lose and even protest the result is the real loser. They have already lost two times. There are people who fall in their lose and can’t arise. I think they are loser too. But in other case, there are people who drunk for win, even the legalize everything to win. I think those people are loser too, because they lose to a win.

When my friend heard my argument, he said I just comforted my self. But it’s my view of win.

A story not by me, I just write it based on radio program that I listend. I think it’s worthy enugh to be shared.