When you want to give up

When you want to give up
Please consider what you have done
Remember what your goal is
Remind yourself about the hardness that you endured
Recall your achievements and how hard you struggled for them

When you want to give up
Believe that there is a success which is waiting for you
Stop doubting yourself as you are created unique and the only one
Convince yourself that your dream is coming true
Keep on your feet and pace yourself

Coz you determine your success so don’t give up yet…

Read it until finish – don’t stop

Today was absolutely worst day ever

And don’t try to convince me that

There’s something good in every day

Because, when you take a closer look,

This world is a pretty evil place.

Even if

Some goodness does shine through once in a while

Satisfaction and happiness don’t last.

And it’s not true that

It’s all in the mind and heart


True happiness can be obtained

Only if one’s surrounding are good

It’s not true that good exist

I’m sure you can agree that

The reality


My attitude

It’s all beyond my control

And you’ll never in a million years hear me say that

Today was a good day

Now read from bottom to top

Reading this text makes me think that most of us want to do or want to get something quickly. In order to do it, it’s not just once or twice times we stop in the half way. When reading the text up there, I thought not to read it until finish because I thought that I have got the message. But I was totally wrong. When I read the last sentence, I just started to really understand what it wanted to tell me. What would happen if I ended reading in the middle of the text? I wouldn’t get the message, maybe I would get the wrong one.

I think it’s similar with our daily life. Some people decide to quit doing something when they think that they have known everything and its situation is not support them or they find something different from their imagine, while the other keep faithful in doing something they believe will bring good to them, even the chance is very little and it seems to be impossible.

What I want to say is all of us have a choice to stop in the middle of our work when we think it is hopeless, or we rather choose to go forward and keep believe even we haven’t seen the ending yet. Maybe when we get there, we will find some surprise. Maybe after we get the finish line, we will understand what have we did and why we have to did it, even actually it was not what we want.

Once again, it’s your choice to quit or go forward. Please choose wisely…

A lesson from jumping plat louse

Days ago, I listened the radio and the speaker said about the jumping plant louse. He said there was an experiment used the jumping plant laouse. The louse was placed in a jar and the jar was closed. The louse jumped for many times but it couldn’t get out from the jar because the jar was closed. Finally after the louse tried for many times, it gave up and stop jumping. Then some minutes after it, the cover of jar was opened, but the interesting one was the louse still keep jumped with the same heigh. The louse wasn’t realize that the jar was opened. That’s why it didn’t jumped higher.

Learned from the jumping plant louse, our life was totally resemble it. Each of us have so many potential indeed, but may be because of the situation and condition, there was a time when we thought it was our maximal potential and we stop trying harder for maximize our potential. Because we has put the border in our mind and we decide that was our limit, in the end most of us didn’t get success.

The way we thought about our self reflected how would we become. It’s same with the louse. When the louse believed that it couldn’t jump higher because the jar was closed, it didn’t keep higher even when the jar’s cover removed. Maybe we had faced so may failure int hte past and they made we believed that we couldn’t do more, but there is God who always be with us and in God there is hope.

Remember, Thomas Alfa Edison made 99 failures before he finally created lamp. I try to look that he didn’t make 99 failure but he needed 99 failure for the best one. No matter how big your problem, there is nothing impossible for God. But the question is will you believe in Him and keep your best for trying?  Our job is trying and it’s His job to decide will He let us pass or not, according to His plan.


Nothing impossible

I was like watching Masterchef programs very much. It was very amazing when the winner of Masterchef US season 3 was Christine, a blind woman. Christine inspired me very much. She could overpower her limitation, her blind and get the champion. Who could predict that she would be the winner. Maybe most people looked down her. But she could make a difference and she made herself an inspirational one.

When I thought bout my condition, it made me shame.  I have normal condition, but when I faced difficulty, I gave up. I didn’t try my best. I just thought it was ver hard and I could do it, even I gave up before I tried. I thought it was impossible for me so I easily gave up.

Look back to Christine, I read that she began to learn cooking after she had lost her sight. What if she thought it was impossible for a blind woman to cook with her hands? We wouldn’t get her as the Masterchef champion, and she couldn’t give many people inspiration.

Considering Luca, the Masterchef US season 4 winner. He used to fail before in the Masterchef 3 audition, but he went back in season 4 and he made it, he made himself as Masterchef 4 contestant. In the first episodes, Luca always got bad comments and he was looked very bad, I think he would get elimate soon, but it’s not happenned. Luca proved himself good enough and hardwork so he could overpower his skill. What if Luca stop to try after his first failure and did’t come back? He wouldn’t be the Masterchef champion. They have proved impossible is nothing. It’s seems to I’m possible than impossible.

When I thought about them and looked myself, well, if they could make it, I suposed to do the same thing too. About my preparation for TOEFL test, I almost gave up and think it was impossible for me to get the high score, that was an example case of my life, but beside it, there are so many hardness in this life. There is always a chance for win, it’s up to us wheter we choose to use the chance, even it’s ver small, or to close it.


Keep try

“Huh… apakah aku akan berhasil melewati tes TOEFL ini?” Aku menghempaskan tubuhku pada sofa yang tersedia di kafe itu. Kepalaku benar-benar terasa berat karena setengah isi buku TOEFL setebal 10 cm sudah berpindah tempat, tentunya kupindahkan ke dalam kepalaku.
“Makanya belajar!” sahut orang yang duduk di sebelah kiriku. Dua kata yang diucapkannya benar-benar terasa menampar pipiku. Aku mengelus pipi kiriku. Tidak sakit. “Kalau kamu nggak belajar ya kamu sudah pasti nggak lulus.” Ingin aku memasukkan gumpalan tanganku ke mulutnya, jika saja aku belum kehilangan kewarasanku.
“Kamu nggak tahu sih, susah tahu…”
“Makanya belajar!” Kembali dia mengulangi kalimat itu. “Tunggu sebentar ya!” Dia bangkit berdiri, menuju ke counter. Aku menyandarkan punggungku ke bantalan sofa sembari mencoba memutar kembali deretan kata-kata yang kuhafalkan tadi, tentunya dalam Bahasa Inggris.
“Nih, punyamu!” Dia menyodorkan cup berisi coffe milk tea pesananku sembari mengambil tempat duduk di sebelahku.
“Kenapa kamu nggak duduk di depanku saja?” tanyaku sambil memainkan topping buble pada minumanku itu.
“Kursinya keras. Enakan di sofa. Empuk.”
“Shall we practise?” Dia sengaja memancingku dengan berkata-kata dalam Bahasa Inggris.
“Ohhh… can’t we just have vacation today? It’s Saturday night…”
“Practise makes you better!”
“Whatever. I’m not sure about my English skill. Can I pass the TOEFL test, I mean can I get highest score?” Aku mulai menghisap minumanku. Beberapa topping buble berdesakan saat mereka melewati sedotan menuju ke mulutku.
“I don’t know.” Dia menghisap minumannya. Dalam hati aku bertanya apakah milk latte pesanannya enak. Setidaknya warna putihnya memberiku first impression yang buruk. Aku tidak suka warna putih. Terlalu pucat. “You never know until you try.”
“But, how if I fail?” Aku memperhatikan sepasang remaja yang duduk tak jauh dari kami. Menurutku mereka pasangan yang aneh. Mereka nampak sedang berkencan, maksudku berkencan dengan gadget mereka masing-masing.
“The one thing I know is you will certainly fail if you never try.” Katanya sambil memutar cup minumannya dan mendorong cup itu beberapa centi ke arahku. “You’ve got message from Mr. Calais. Read it!”
Mau tak mau mataku pun bergerak menuju ke cup itu. Seulas senyum mengembang di bibirku saat membaca tulisan yang terpampang di situ. “Ok, you win.”

Bagaimana ini? Aku stress. Rasanya nggak mungkin aku bisa lolos tes TOEFL dengan skor setinggi itu. Kukirimkan BBM singkat kepadanya sambil berbaring di atas kasur. Buku TOEFL setebal 10 cm itu tergeletak di lantai, masih terbuka.
I think you’ve got enough spirit for study. Dia membalas BBM ku dalam Bahasa Inggris. Oh, not again. Kurasa otakku sudah cukup kenyang setelah hampir dua jam melahap buku TOEFL.
I think it’s imposible. I know my skill. I can’t do it. I think I’ll give up.
I think we spoke about it yesterday.
But it’s really hard. I’m not smart enough.
Kutunggu beberapa menit sambil terus melirik blackberry hitam yang tergelat di samping kepalaku. Tak ada jawaban. Aku pun bangkit dari tempat kasurku dan mulai merapikan buku TOEFL yang kutelantarkan di atas lantai saat kudengar suara dari blackberry ku dan kulihat lampunya berkelap-kelip. Dia membalas BBM ku.
What’s this? Dia mengirimkan sebuah gambar yang membuat mulutku terkunci.
Krismint Liem林玉敏qas
Keep study. You’ll find a way. The fact that you’re afraid is add more reason for you study hard. Dia menambahkan kalimat itu tak lama kemudian.
You win… again. Balasku.

don’t give up

Man, differ with machine or computer program, even he knows the result of his action, I mean he can predict wheter he will succes or failure, end even he knows that he will failure, man still keep trying. It’s because men, all of us, we still have hope. We hope for a better future. We hope that something will happened. Even we think it’s imposible, most of us still hope for a miracle. Why? Because we know there is someone there, there is God that walk with us. In the darkest moment in our life, we still hope and belive that He will help us.


The full quote from Karl Marx is: “Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people”. But I am disagree. I think we aren’t weak enough for having religiou, believe in God. But it’s the opposite. I think we are strong enough to belive in what we can’t see, God is formless and we can’t see Him like other people. If people believe in what they can see, I think it’s common but believe in what we can’t see, and seems not exist, it’s need a brave heart, because there is no obvious evidence, but yet we still believe.

I think the strong people are not they who can build a wall, or fortress, for refuge, in spite of it’s they who build a bridge and walk across it to the other side. The strong people are not they who have no weakness, but they who show their weakness because they strong enough to admit it.