Was not it supposed to be a light in the darkness that gave us courage to keep on?

Was not it supposed to be a sweet honey that brightened our spirit in the hard pressure?

Was not it supposed to be a cup of water that revived our soul in the dry and hot summer?

Was not it supposed to be the only thing that we had when there were no other things?


But why a lot of people gave up and chose to turn off the light?

But why a lot of people gave up and chose to abandon the sweet honey?

But why a lot of people gave up and chose to waste the water?

But why a lot of people gave up and chose to throw away the only thing they had?


Was it too hard to keep in our heart that they gave up and committed suicide?

Was it too luxurious so that only the rich and powerful people had right to have it?

Was it too impossible to us for dreaming and hoping for something we longed for?


Or it was us who too weak to keep a hope?

Do you dare to hope?


our time

Our past had been passed and would not be repeated again

It was not to be regretted or lamented

No matter we tried, it couldn’t be changed

Instead, it was to be learned, made sure we didn’t do the same mistakes


Our future has not come yet and is still far away

No need to worry or be anxious, maybe it will not turn up as we expected

Because we never know what will happen tomorrow

But one thing we know, there is always a hope for a better future


Our present is what we are doing today

Don’t do something useless that make us regret in the future days

Don’t waste it and make we lost our precious moment

Let’s enjoy and cherish this time, it’s out time to do our best

And don’t forget to give thanks for it is the future that you’re worried in the past

When you want to give up

When you want to give up
Please consider what you have done
Remember what your goal is
Remind yourself about the hardness that you endured
Recall your achievements and how hard you struggled for them

When you want to give up
Believe that there is a success which is waiting for you
Stop doubting yourself as you are created unique and the only one
Convince yourself that your dream is coming true
Keep on your feet and pace yourself

Coz you determine your success so don’t give up yet…

When God answer the pray 13

God, where are you God? Where are you?

I’m here My son. What happened? Why are you crying?

God, you know. You know what happened. You know that I just ruined my exam. I ruined everything.

I do know…

Then, why didn’t You help me? Where were You? You know I got bad comments. When presenting my work, the professors criticized me. I’m done, God. I won’t pass this exam. However, You did nothing to help me. You kept silent and let them attacked me cruelly.

 My son, I did help you. When you get the topic that you had to make a presentation, you were really happy, weren’t you? I know you excel in it so I chose it for you.

Ok God. You are right about that part, but still I ruined it. You knew from beginning it would happen, did You? I know that You did it on purpose. Did You want me failed?

Of course not My son. Don’t be angry with me. I did everything for your sake. Didn’t you remember that you almost lost your chance to take the exam? It was Me that helped you. I let them gave you one more chance when some of your friends didn’t get the chance. For doing it, you even didn’t thank Me…

Ok God, I thank You. I admit You’re right…

About their critics, wasn’t it good for you? You knew what were you lacking at and you could improve yourself. I really did it on purpose. I wanted you to learn something.

I admit that I was not good. I was disappointed with myself and I wanted to blame it on someone. I knew what they had spoken was right. But still, I couldn’t accept it. No matter how much I learned, the fact that I ruined my exam would not change.

Stop judging yourself. Instead of weeping, you should be grateful for everything you have. You have had a chance to take the exam and you have got some critics which are good for improving yourself. About the result of your exam, trust it on Me. You don’t have any idea about what am I doing but keep complain on Me.

God, I’m sorry. I’m sorry because I don’t thank You. I forget to thank You… It just really shatters me. I’m done…

I’m not yet done even you are. I’ve did everything for you and I still do it. Don’t lose hope, my Son. Believe in Me and you will see what will I do to you.


happy new year!!!

73819d84165f11c3e67c35317e044242.jpg Happy new year everyone! 2016 has ended and we get in 2017 now. Talking about new year, actually I don’t have anything special. I think new year isn’t different with the other days. I don’t know why some people celebrated it in a luxurious way. Some people got a party and the others went to a special place. Well, I myself prefer stayed at home and watched the television. That’s what I did last night.

You don’t think that I will write nothing but rubbish, do you? When I reflected what is the meaning of new year, I got that new year was not about celebration, but it was about how we gave thanks for everything happened in the last year. Ok, maybe some things were bad, but I thought not all of them were. I believe there were a lot of beautiful things happened in 2016. I still remembered how I started 2016 with uncertainty, worrying a lot of things but in the end of it, some things I worried before were amazingly ended happily, even not all of them. However, when thought about it somehow I felt that I was blessed. Looking through the past, maybe I could have something worse happened in my life, but it didn’t happen. I’m still here, breath healthily and I can write my story.

Ok maybe you want to complain about your dreams that you couldn’t accomplish in 2016, or about your wishes that weren’t granted. It is ok. I have it too, but I think we still have a plenty time to accomplish our dreams. We have been given a chance in 2017 so let’s do something about it. I feel sorry for them who didn’t make their way to 2017. So instead of regretting the past, I think it is the time for us to plan something in 2017. I think new year means I’m still given a trust to make something better. So let’s take the chance to accomplish our dreams in 2017.

About our worries, ok it’s not easy not to worry anything we don’t know before. I am worrying a lot of things too, but look at us. We still stand here. We have been success passing the 2016 and the years before. So nothing needs to be worried.  If God pleased, He will let us get everything we want. He will guide us in 2017 as what He has done for years. So cheers up! Let’s take the first step in 2017 with give thanks and promising to make everything in 2017 better than before.  Happy new year and have a blessed year!

Stars were shining…

When twilight came and sun left

There was darkness covering the sky

When you stand alone under the dark sky

Lifted your head and saw up

There were little lights trying to shine in the darkness

Stars were shining there

When you didn’t know what would you do

Coz this life pressed you so hard

Made you can’t stand anymore

No matter how big your problem

And how heavy burden that you had to bear

Please remember you were not alone

Stars were shining there

Even you didn’t have idea about what will happen

Trusted me, tomorrow would come

It was waiting for you right now

The thick cloud that covering the sky

Never could drive out the stars

Stars were shining there

Never gave up you hope

Even your mind shouted it was impossible

Keep listened you heart whispering just go through

Coz stars never left you just for a second

From a distance he kept watching you

Didn’t care whether you knew or not

Stars were shining there

Just for you


Created when I saw the stars in the night sky