the key of happiness

What did you think about some people who had a disease that cannot be cured?

Did you think they were amazing, because they still kept fighting?

Or did you ever compare yourself to them, that if you were in his boot, what would you do?

Some people said that we had those people in our life in order to teach us to be grateful for what every things we had. Yet, it was a pity that they were created under current circumstance, even I believed that God would not give us burden that we were unable to bear.

Talking about being grateful, it was amazing that those people could enjoy their life and be grateful for it. Taking an example of a blind worshipper girl in my country, when she was born blind, her family had a struggle to give up on her or take care of her. A blind baby needed special treatment and funds to cure her eyes. The family had done everything they could for their blind daughter, but her eyes couldn’t be cure and she would be blind forever. But, you know, her songs really inspired me. There were moments in my life when I couldn’t stand for, I listened to her songs. It really helped me to pass the difficult moments in my life.

I didn’t know what kind of struggle that she and her family were facing, but I knew it was not easy. What made me amaze of her was she not only could be grateful for her imperfect life but also inspired others. Reading the testimony of her dad, I knew the key of happiness that they had. In order to enjoy the life you had, you must be grateful for your current life, no matter how difficult it was. But, how could we be grateful in our difficult moments? Being grateful when everything happened according to my will was easy, but when it was otherwise, could we do the same thing?

Later, I realized that the key is a faith. If you believed that everything happened in your life, whether the good and the bad one, was happened for your sake, you would be grateful easily. I knew it was really not easy to be done as it was said. Back to the difficult moments in my life, sorry to not tell you specifically, I had two options, the first one was giving up and running away, and the other one was keeping to struggle and believe that God would make a way, even I didn’t know how and when He would do it. Today, thanks God, He did it and I was grateful for not giving up.

You see, the key of happiness, to enjoy a dark moment in our life is being grateful, it is a must, and to be grateful, you have to have a faith, a faith that everything is under His control and the LORD’S hand is not so short that it cannot save, nor is His ear so dull that it cannot hear.


it’s ok to be imperfect

Perfection… of course all human beings want to get it. Having a healthy body, lovely family, highest grade, secure job, nice home, everyone want it, don’t they? Who want live alone, no money, no friends, jobless, and homeless? However, in the world we live in today, you can’t get everything you want.

Take a look at some businessmen. They might be success in their career and got wealthy, but how was their family? Some of them were unmarried, while others had problems in their family. There were only a few of them who had healthy relationship with their family.

So, is it wrong to dream a perfect live? Absolutely not. Everyone should set a goal as high as possible. Yet, the problem appeared when they couldn’t get the goal. While some people worked harder, the others got stress and gave up, even the worse was they gave up their live and chose to die. For those people, the pressure was unbearable.

Let me ask you a question, who put a heavy weight on your shoulder? Are they not the society, are they? The society told us that if we want to live happily, we must have everything that I wrote before. They told us to be success in everything and if you were having most of it but missed only one thing, it couldn’t be considered as a success. That’s why most of people couldn’t stand it because they regretted the thing that they couldn’t achieve and forgot the others that they have had. It seems that if they were imperfect and unsuccessful, they wouldn’t be accepted by the society.

Now, let’s take a look at God. Does He want us to be perfect? Yes, He does. Matthew 5:48 tells us. However, the distinction of God and the society is while the society gives us no room for imperfection, God accepts us even we are imperfect. Roma 5:8 tells us that God love us even we were a sinner. Yes, He wants us to be perfect, but He knows that human is imperfect. Nobody’s perfect, isn’t they? That’s why God will make us perfect. When you put your life in His hands, your family, career, study, wealth, everything you have, I believe He will make it perfect. Ok, maybe it’s true that you still are not be able to get your dreams come true, but you will find a satisfaction in your hearth. You need not hold the burden of perfection and successful life from society any longer. You are free to be imperfect and unsuccessful as long as in the eyes of God it is a perfect and success life that He created for you…

the story of potato, egg and coffee beans

Once there lived an old man who owned a magic pot.

Wherever he put water in it, it would start boiling.

One day, three men came to his house.

The first man had a potato. He complained that it was too hard to eat.

The second man had an egg.  He said it was too soft to eat.

The third man had a few coffee beans. He said it wasn’t enough.

The old man asked them to put all of these into the boiling water.

The potato that went in hard and unrelenting, came out extremely softened.

The egg that seemed extremely fragile, came out hardened.

The coffee beans used the opportunity to change itself and turned into an aromatic drink.


The pot signifies life. It is filled with our experiences.

The boiling water signifies hardships. Everyone faces difficult times in life.

The potato, the egg, and the coffee beans are three types of people in the world.

They deal with hardships in different ways.

Some people mellow down like the potato.

Some make themselves stronger to face hard times, like the egg.

And some adapt and change themselves to suit the situation, like the coffee beans.

So are you the potato, the egg, or the coffee beans?


it’s not my writing. I get it from a friend…

it’s not about me

How often did you use the word ‘me’ or ‘I’ in your conversation? I think it was a lot enough. Even I used it in my first three sentences hehe…

Well, it looked like a simple thing but without we realized, it made us the center of our universe. Was it wrong? Of course not, I think. Yet, it made us thought ourselves higher than the others or sometimes we thought that we didn’t need other people in our life. Everything we did, we did it for ourselves, even without considerated other people. Our mind was programmed to think ourselves first and completely thought that we were the superhuman in our universe. For example, we did ever plan something, didn’t we? How often did we think about other people or other chance that might be ruined our plans? I my self always made plans and thought they would be success but in the end, a lot of things happened and ruined my plans. You see, I’m not a decision maker in my universe.

Take another consideration. Without me or my think, this universe still moves on. Even when I passed away or vanished, it didn’t affect this universe, hmmm maybe it would affect it a little, just a little. Yet, it would not be destroyed. I’m not the ruler of this universe. Instead, I must follow this universe’s way of life. Even I can decide what will I do in the future, but I can’t change my past. I can’t change my father and mother, my family, my date of birth and my gender. I can’t choose to be born in which family as well as can’t choose to be born as a boy or a girl. I’m totally hopeless. In the end, I can’t choose when and how I will end my life. If I don’t want to die, still I will die someday.

You see, sometimes our mind tricked us. It led us to think high on ourselves. But the truth is we are nothing than a mere human. There were a lot of things that out of our control. Yet, they were still under the control of The Great Creator. You know what is it means?

Worry nothing, sleep well. Take a breath and enjoy your life. Stop being god and let He be. Enjoy your unpredictable life as an adventure. At least it is a choice that we can made.

What did you think?

What did you think when an honest public officer suddenly got caught for corruption?

What did you think when an old couple that have been married for decades suddenly got divorce?

What did you think when a smart student with a bright future suddenly did suicide?

What did you think when your girl/boyfriend that is your wife/husband-to-be-soon suddenly left you?

There was nothing impossible, was it?

Maybe some of you would not believe and think it was a hoax, a not funny joke, while the other some of you would regret it and hoped that was not real. Maybe some of you would curse their decision and thought that it was a big mistake.

However, it was decided and we as the outsiders did not any right to doubt their decision, even judged them. We were not them. We didn’t stand on their boots so we didn’t know why they made such decision. Apart of it was a horrible decision – according to us – it was happened and maybe they had thought it for a long time.

We didn’t know what made an honest officer stole the fund. Maybe he needed it or maybe it was his true face, all this time he just pretended to be an honest one.

We didn’t know why the grandpa and the grandma separated after years of marriage.  Maybe there was something in their marriage that they tried to endure but in the end, after fought for years, they couldn’t continue be together.

We didn’t know why the potential student decided to end his life. Maybe he was lonely as his parents were always busy with their work. Maybe he didn’t enjoy his life as much as we thought about it. Maybe he was depressed and burdened by his study.

We really had no idea why our soulmate-soon-to-be kicked us even our wedding day had decided. Maybe she/he was not our true soulmate. Maybe she/he cheated us for some time.

In the end, we never knew the reason and we didn’t need to know. Oh, maybe for the last one, we really needed to know since it affected out life, but for the rest, I did think the opposite. So, stop judging, stop doubting, even cursing. Everyone had their own life and I thought we didn’t like if a passerby suddenly insisted us to explain our decision, every details of our life, did we?

lessons from relife..

Do you know Relife manga? I enjoyed reading it because it taught me a life lesson. It is about a man who takes program to change him back to a teen in order to change himself as a better man. As the story goes on, he lives his re-life his as a high school student. There are so many lesson that I learned from the manga. On this occasion I want to share some lessons. Following the story, I think it will finish soon. The main character finally understood the purpose of re-life program and life itself.

At first, he didn’t want the program ended. He hated his old life and didn’t want to come back to his previous life as an adult. I think it was a human’s nature to run from the reality. All of us had our own problem and when we thought we couldn’t solve it, we choose to run away instead of fighting and solving out problem.

Back to the manga, the main character wanted to get rid of his old self as the old him was a loser. I think all of us have an unwanted past that if it was possible to erase it from our life, we would do it happily. However, realized or not, all of our past creates us at the present. Not only the happy moments, but the painful ones do have a part in creating the today us.  It’s all the good and bad things that happened in your past that makes you who you are today.

Without the imperfect part of our life, we never stand on here today. The failure makes us try harder so that in the end we can do everything better. All things happened in our life is happened for our sake. Be grateful for all of them.

The second one that I learned is that our life is very short to begin with. Our life is limited. It is our choice to decide how we spend our time. We have an option to do nothing as everything we did will vanish someday when we leave our life or we can choose to do our best in order to leave a beautiful legacy for our surrounding. Doing nothing is safer than trying to do something as in the end we have a same result, that we will end our life. Doing nothing gives us advantage as we will not feel anything, while trying to do something will make us exhausted and if we fail, we will feel painful. But, it is actually what we want? Will we want to do nothing? Of course not. Our life is too precious to be spent for doing nothing. For me, I just want to not regret my life in the future because I didn’t do the things that I should do.

That was my life lesson… how about you?