social media status updating

Today, we have a lot of kinds of status updating on media social. We started with facebook status update, then continued on blackberry’s and today, the most popular one was instagram story. Let me ask you, what do you expect of status updating?  What will you obtain after updating something in your social media?

I don’t know about you, but after watching and commenting my friend’s status, I concluded that they were looking for some attentions. The aim of their status updating was thy wanted to be got some likes or comments from anyone. Some of them wanted to be praised because they did something that amazed lots of people, while the other wanted to be noticed because somehow they felt that other people, especially their closest ones ignoring them. I myself had the same reasons behind publishing my social media statuses.

The question is: is it wrong? I don’t think so. Every human being needs to be loved, to be noticed, to be praised. It is a basic need. But, without realizing it, some people had exposed their personal life. They showed everyone how they actually were, only to get some attentions. The problem was the things that they published sometimes were not the positive ones. Sometimes people published their angers, sadness, hate on their social media. Instead of praises or positive reactions, they got bullied. They had disgraced themselves for sake of the popularity or attentions.

While some people showed who they actually were, the other showed a fake life that they presented on their status updating. Somehow, it was so sad. They had to lie and pretend to be happy while actually they didn’t. For example, some people post an istagram story that showed their holiday activities in other country, but the truth was they just found some spots that looked same to the scenery in that country.

I don’t know how you use your social media updating facility, but for me, I rarely update my status or my instagram, especially if it is connected to my personal life. I don’t need other’s permission or agreement to enjoy my life. My life is directed by God and me, not other’s opinion. In addition, I don’t care how other people appreciate me as long as I spread some positive things – according to me. I don’t ask you to follow my way in using media social, but I hope you using your media social and the facilities that provided wisely. Have a nice social media activities.



If you have seen this movie, there is a moment when Sadness touched happy memories, they will turn into sad memories. The memory is still same, it’s the emotion that comes out with it that changes.

It happens in real life. Happy memories in the past make you sad once you remember it. It’s mostly because it was actually beautiful, and you know it will never happen again because everything has changed.

Everything changes. Everybody changes. Friend is now a stranger. Families are on the other side. Lover is now the person you hate the most. Your beautiful dream into your worst nightmare.

The movie is for kids but it tells the dark truths. But we can only appreciate Joy if we already know Sadness, right?

NB: I copied it from a friend.


Embrace every moments…


Last night I had a little conversation with my friend. The most interesting part when he pointed to embrace every moments. It meant we had to treasure each moment, every minutes in our life, either they were the enjoyable ones or the bitter memories. Both of them were used by God to create our character.

I remembered the word He has made everything beautiful in its time…–Ecclesiastes 3:11, many people thought that everything would be good at the end, but I didn’t think so. The word said that it’s beautiful in its time, not in the future or in the past, and I think its time meant right now too. For people who thought it would  be good in the future, they would lose the moment of now. They couldn’t enjoy the moment that they had right now, because they put their mind in the future.

I thought it was good to plan everything and arrange our future, but let it not made us forget the moment we were living now. Think bout it, when will we enjoy our life since we put our mind in the future, remeber the future we always want will be today too and when it became today, again we re-put our mind in the future. It will not end. That’s why I think many people suffer because they lost the moments they should be enjoyed.

So Therefore do not think about tomorrow: for tomorrow shall take care of itself. Sufficient unto the day [is] the evil thereof.-Matthew 6:34

I prefer to enjoy the living life, and let it brings me to the way I couldn’t imagine as long as I let Him who created life holding my life… And I’ll try to embrace every moments He prepared for me…