Learning from a game ;)


Those are some scenes from Brave Story game. Never did I imagine to get these sentences from a game. You know, I was fail in my job recruitment and I blamed myself for it. If I have tried harder, maybe I would have got the job. Nevertheles, I can’t change the fact that I was fail.

I was mad at myself for sometime, but it wouldn’t get me better. It just made me tortured indeed. Finally, my friend told me that I had a choice to weep myself or to leave everything behind and take a step forward.  I know, it is not easy. At first, it was really hard for me to stop weeping myself, but in the end I chose to move on.

Sometimes I still feel sad for my failure, but on the other hand I have to convince myslef that everything will be ok. I believe everything happens for my sake. That’s why I have to continue my life with a big smile.