When God answer the pray 12

Hi God, where are You?

Here I am, My son. Now, what is it, what are you going to complaint? Please take your time. I am here, listening to you.

God, You told it as seem as I always come to You for complaining…

I am not wrong, am I?

Yeah You are right. I always have been come to You for complaining everything about my life. You are totally right.

Oh, and one more, not only complaining, you are blaming Me too. So, what is your case today?

Oh God, You make me feel guilty. I’m ashamed of myself.  , I’m not standing here for complaining or blaming You, at least it is not today…

So what do you want from Me?

I just want to discuss with You. Our conversation last time, when I complained, ok You right it was a complain, You asked me to think about my problem. Now, I come here to tell You something…

I wonder what is it, please tell Me…

I’ve been thinking about it, everything happened in my life, the happy moments and the sad ones. I’ve passed much hardness as long as I live. You know, I always asked why it has to be happened when I faced big problem. I thought and thought but I couldn’t understand. There were so many reasons, so many answers that were possible for answering it.

I knew You are God and it was Your right to decide the things would happen and the would not. I knew too that I was a mere human. What was I, instead of abandoned me, You loved me, protected me, and invested Your will on me. I couldn’t find any answer, but it was for Your glory for letting everything happened in my life, the good ones and the bad ones.

Please continue, I’m listening…

Even I still couldn’t understand why did You let it happened, but I tried to believe it was for my sake and to glorify Yourself.

Yeah, I think you got the point. Mere human of course can’t understand God’s mind, but believing will reveal everything. It is ok for you not knowing everything. Instead of knowing, I asked you for believing.

I’ll try to believe in You. It’s not easy.

Well, you right, it’s easier for believing in visible things rather than invisible God, isn’t it?

Haha, You’re right God. You make me feel ashamed again. Anyway God, thanks for being patient with me…

You’re welcome. Thanks for promising to believe in Me…


When God answer the pray 11

God, where were You when I had a big problem? I looked for You but You were not here. You left me alone.

My son, I was here. I always be here with you, I never left you alone.

But You didn’t do anything. What was the different, whether You were be with me or not. Still, I had to face my own problem by myself. And it was because You did nothing.

So you blamed Me?

Yes. You told me that You would help me, always with me, but I couldn’t believe it was happened, You let me faced my problem alone. I was angry with You. You promised that You would walk before me, but…

I knew I shouldn’t do it, I shouldn’t angry with You… I just wanted to know why did You let me faced it alone. You were God, instead of doing something to help me, You doing nothing. I just couldn’t accept it.

My dearest son, there was a time I help You and there was another time I restrained Myself from helping you. But believe Me, I did it for your sake…

How could You say it was for me? If it was for me, You should help me God.

Remember when I was with Peter and my other disciples on the stormy night. We were on the boat and my disciples were so fear. At that time, I calmed the storm…

Yes I knew it. You did help Your disciples…

But there was another time when I had to let Stephen died because of his faith in Me. Yes, I could save him, but I didn’t do it.


I had My own plan. As a human being, you couldn’t understand it. But I didn’t ask you to understand Me. What did I ask you is you believed in Me. Just did it.

But God, how can I believe in you?

You know when you were kid, your parents did everything for you, they helped you eat, took a bath, even read bedtime story for you could sleep. But when you got older, you had to do all of them by yourself. Were your parents cruel so they let you did it and didn’t help you anymore? Of course not. They still loved you, but you had to do it by yourself. You had to get matured. They always be with you, watching you, but let themselves not helped you as long as they thought you could do everything by yourself.  But if you got some problems and you couldn’t handle it, still they were ready to help you solved it, right?

Yeah… but it was different… I should do it because I had to do it…

No, it was same. You had to grow in your faith too. And you had to learn believing in Me, even I didn’t help you at that moment…

I know it will be hard for you to accept it, but you have to do it. Think bout it first, My son…

… ok…

Welcome, probem…

In this life, all of us have our own problems. There was a time I think, I wanna run from my problem. Today I got a fight with my brother, not a too-big one I guess, compare with the other that we had before. You know, when I faced my problem, I hoped that it wouldn’t be happened. I hoped it would vanish and I would see it anymore. It’s a stupid thought right. I did realize it when I was watching the movie. When watching movie, I wanted to skip the I don’t wanna see scenes, I mean, the scenes that I don’t like to see because it’s too pain or too hard for me to see them. I just wanted to skip those scenes and hoped that the story gonna be allright.

But when I thought bout it, I thought it would be like the ‘Next’ movie. You know, it’s a movie that the main character has a remote to skip the things that he doesn’t want to do. What’s happened? He loses his life. Everything just flow away and he missed them because he doesn’t want to face them. I think the same things will happen to me when I just run from my life, my problem. While I’m fleeing, my problem is staying there and it’s not vanish. So i just spent my time for fleeing but in the end, I still have to face my problem. You see, fleeing is useless.

So what do i have to? I have no option but to face it and solve it appropriately. It’s my duty, it’s my problem and it’s my life. I belive God will not send me a present of problem if He doesn’t belive in me, if He doesn’t trust my that I can stand for it, and if He doesn’t stay before me, holding my hands and walk with me.  

So i think i will say, “Welcome, problem…”

Google vs God

“Search it in google”, “Ask Mr. Google”, “Just goggling”, well there are the most answer when I asked my firends about some certain case. Honestly it’s my habit too for looking something or some informations in google, because google can provide the informations that I need. Somehow it was very helpful.

But think again about it, I suddenly realize that google is the first place for looking informations, answers, and when I had some technical problems, for example in my job, I used to search the solution in google. Compare it with my life problem. When I had a problem, God is not the first place I looked for. I prefer asked to my friend and sometomes ask to Mr. Google too. I think it’s very idiot. I was very stupid. I asked to a machine, with no brain, rather than my God, who created me and give my brain.

I is funny , isn’t it? But it’s the reality that we face today. We get along with technology and find it help us so much, so there is no room for God. It’s so tragic. We want try to get indepence but without we realize, we lean to our creation despite of our creator.

Well, that’s a little thing is my mind…

W -卢伟伦- dd

Pakis dan bambu

Ada seorang pria yang putus asa dan mau meninggalkan segalanya. Meninggalkan pekerjaan, hubungan dan berhenti hidup. Lalu dia datang ke hutan untuk bicara yang terakhir kalinya dengan Tuhan, “Apakah Tuhan bisa memberi saya satu alasan yang baik untuk jangan berhenti hidup dan menyerah?”

Jawaban Tuhan sangat mengejutkan, “Coba lihat ke sekitarmu. Apakah kamu melihat pakis dan bambu?”

“Ya,” jawab pria itu.

“Ketika menanam benih pakis dan benih bambu. AKU merawat keduanya secara sangat baik. AKU memberi keduanya cahaya, memberikan air. Pakis tumbuh cepat di bumi, daunnya yang hijau segar menutupi permukaan tanah hutan. Sementara itu benih bambu tidak menghasilkan apapun, tapi AKU tidak menyerah.

Pada tahun kedua pakis tumbuh makin subur dan banyak tetapi belum ada juga yang muncul dari benih bambu. Tapi AKU tidak menyerah.

Di tahun ketiga benih bambu belum juga memunculkan sesuatu, tapi AKU tidak menyerah.

Di tahun keempat, masih juga belum ada apapun dari benih bambu. AKU tidak menyerah.” Kata Tuhan.

“Di tahun kelima muncul sebuah tunas kecil. Dibanding dengan pohon pakis, tunas itu tampak kecil dan tidak bermakna. Tapi 6 bulan kemudian, bambu itu menjulang sampai 1000 kaki. untuk menumbuhkan akar itu perlu waktu 5 tahun. Akar ini membuat bambu kuat dan memberi apa yang diperlukan bambu untuk bertahan hidup. AKU takka memberi cobaan yang tak sanggup diatasi ciptaan-ciptaanKu.” Kata Tuhan kepada pria itu.

“Tahukah kamu anakKu, di saat menghadapi segala kesulitan dan perjuangan berat ini, kamu sebenarnya menumbuhkan akar-akar?”

“AKU tidak meninggalkan bambu itu. AKU juga takkan meninggalkanmu.”

“Jangan membandingkan diri sendiri dengan orang lain,” kata Tuhan.  “Bambu mempunyai tujuan yang beberda dengan pakis, tapi keduanya membuat hutan menjadi indah.”

“Waktumu akan datang, kamu akan menanjak dan menjulang tinggi. Bersabarlah dan banyaklah tuk belajar lagi, waktumu pasti akan tiba.”


Short story from my friend…