Mayweather vs Pacman

As we have known the match between Mayweather and Pacman that happened last Sunday brought controversy. It was about the result that many people thought it was not fair. Well, I am not boxing lover, I just accidentally watched the match because my dad watched it. About the result, I don’t want to write about it, but I want to write about the people’s reaction. After the match, I got my friends updated status about their disappointed. It was ok I thought for having a different opinion. But later I got so many social media post some jokes about it. There also so many posts that attacked Mayweather, I didn’t know maybe it was not their intention, they just expressed their feeling and their unsatisfied. I watched youtube and there were some post that maybe the creators didn’t realize that they had bullied Mayweather. First, I thought it was fun watching some funny videos about the match, until I read a friend’s comment about Mayweather. Its point was Mayweather fought for win, not to entertain. Abandoning all that was happened, the controversy result, was it his fault that he won? Why then he became the target of so many haters that made fun of him?

I just want to see the match from a different perspective. Mayweather and Pacman, both of them did their best for win. If you have another opinion, it is alright, but I think when you make funny the match you don’t honor them. We all just watch but know nothing inside the match. I think it’s very cruel for bullying Mayweather while he only fought for win and money. Keep in mind that he got wounds too. He got punched and fell the pain too. Please consider that he was a victim too. He was a victim of some people who played the match. And Pacman, I know he got special place in our heart. So let him lost honored but won people’s heart.

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